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Project Description

A fun and fairly simple single page website design and development project for a good friend. Intuitive and easy to navigate, I'm a big fan of the one-page-wonders, especially for small businesses such as this one. Starting with a simple sales pitch and a short and snappy about us blurb, the user is brought through the site section by section, ending with some pricing options and a convenient contact form to help seal those home inspection deals!

The look and feel of the site is clean, crisp, and ties nicely in with the branding. The colour scheme is consistent throughout with teal highlights complimenting and adding a nice pop of contrast to the dark grey undertones. Diagonal lines to divide the sections and some snazzy entrance animations add a subtle playfullness and enhance the user experience as they scroll.

Click the button below to check out the live website, and be sure to give River City a call for all your home inspection needs!

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Tools Used

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