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Project Description

The objective for this project was to completely re-design the website for PlanetCom, an IT company based in Sherwood Park and the company I currently work for. This project is part of a larger re-branding project of the entire company’s visual identity which I developed and implemented for a brochure outlining their current services and business philosophy. This new identity was then directly transferred to the look and feel of this new site design.

The old site has a very dark background and they wanted something a lot lighter and more modern looking with custom designed icons used as a prominent graphic feature. I developed a new variation of their logo which is also used in the header, footer, and as a subtle background element to provide some depth and texture. Orange is used in small amounts as a highlight colour to brighten things up and add some contrast to the very corporate blue and gray colour scheme.

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Tools Used

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There's No Progress Without Process

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This is a screenshot of an initial homepage mockup that I created while in the ideation stage. Certain elements were kept from this version and utilized in the final design, including the services icon structure, background pattern, and select elements from the header.
Nathan Labrecque Creative Process Image
This is another preliminary homepage mockup that I came up with using a bit more of a blocky, linear approach to the design. Photography from the existing site was used just to see if it would still fit with the new design, but ultimately did not end up working. The existing site also has a very dark background colour, which is something they wanted to veer away from in the new visual identity, which is why the darker grey boxes were removed in the final design.
Nathan Labrecque Creative Process Image
These are a few of the header and main menu iterations that were experimented with at first. While visually interesting, they were deemed a bit too busy and discarded for a cleaner and more flat design.
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