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Project Description

This project involved logo design as well as website design & development for Woodworx Inc., a local custom cabinet builder. The obvious choice was to rely heavily on woodgrain textures and warm, earthy colours, but the obvious choice is not always the best one! While a small amount of woodgrain texture was used, the client had a specific colour scheme in mind consisting of a classy mix of dark royal blue, black & white. This provided plenty of contrast and effectively defied common cliches for "woodworker" websites.

The site's layout also goes against the grain in that it uses a fixed vertically oriented navigation panel on the left as opposed to the prevailing convention of the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page. This makes navigating the site a breeze and makes the logo visible no matter where you are on the site.

The logo design was done with simplicity and clarity in mind. The typographic form combines the "W" and "X" from the company name and incorporates subtle faceted artwork in the "X", reminiscent of detailed wooden trim work and providing some much needed depth to the image.

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Tools Used

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There's No Progress Without Process

Nathan Labrecque Creative Process Image
This is a wireframe layout for the homepage which actually made it through to the final design of the site. The design is clean and simple, and is focused on visuals while minimizing long blocks of text.
Nathan Labrecque Creative Process Image
Here is the same homepage layout transformed into a full colour mockup. This design seemed like the obvious choice with its woodgrain textures and earthy colour scheme, but it was not to be!
Nathan Labrecque Creative Process Image
Here is another wireframe layout, this time for an interior "About Us" page. Again, the layout stuck and became fully realized in the final design of the functional website.
Nathan Labrecque Creative Process Image
This is the "About Us" wireframe layout fully mocked up and ready for review. Very similar to the homepage layout to provide consistently clean design, with a bit more emphasis on textual content.
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