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Before my foray into the depths of design, there was a passion for music instilled in me that burns bright to this day. Scroll onwards & downwards to learn about my musical journey, hear tracks I've played on, and check out the Album of the Week to get an earful of what's inspiring me these days!

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In addition to design, I also have a passion for music. It all started with piano lessons at a very young age using the Suzuki Method, which gave me a great foundation and trained my ear exceptionally well. I then moved on to my instrument of choice, the drums, and have been hitting things with sticks for over 16 years now.

I took 7 years of private lessons, have 6 years of teaching experience and attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California where I received a performance certificate in Percussion. I am currently very interested in jamming, playing casual gigs, doing session work and starting a progressive rock side project.

I play a 6 piece Sonor Force 2007 drumkit complete with DW Rack, and beautiful array of Sabian cymbals and carrying cases. I also own a full size 14" Remo Djembe, a gorgeous Gon Bops Acuna Series cajon, and a few random shakers.

Tools Used

Drumsticks Sonor Drums Sabian Cymbals Drum Workshop

Here Are Some Tracks I've Played On. Take a Listen...

1. These Are The Days by Jill Hagen (drums)

2. Second Chances by Jill Hagen (drums)

3. The Real Thing by Jill Hagen (drums)

4. Escape by The Family Dreams (drums)

5. Losin' My Soul by Joel Megli & The Crooked Paintings (percussion)

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Album of the Week. Discover Something New!

This week's Album of the Week is the latest Middle Eastern metal masterpiece from Myrath. I almost enjoyed the alliteration in that last statement as much as the music...which says a lot about the music, because I REALLY enjoy alliteration. Enjoy!

Album of the Week
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If you are in need of any services that require creativity, attention to detail, aesthetic excellence, or even if you really do just want to start up a lively conversation about obscure progressive rock bands, feel free to contact me using the form below!

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