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Project Description

Here is another PlanetCom project which had me tackling a radical redesign of the website for Cornerstone Counselling Centre, a faith-based non-profit counselling centre located in Edmonton. Their previous site design was out of date and very convoluted. This made for a confusing and less-than-enjoyable user experience, which simply needed to change considering many of their potential and existing clients are already in a state of mental and emotional unrest. The new site was built using Wordpress and is fully responsive.

The look and feel of the site was cleaned up considerably and made as easy and intuitive to navigate as possible. It was imperative that the site came across as very welcoming, inviting, and friendly. The company's logo and primary deep purple colour were to stay the same, so the new site's colour scheme was chosen to both reflect and enhance this existing and recognized branding.

A custom set of icons was designed as well to represent the various services that are offered by Cornerstone. Many of them needed to depict people and were carefully designed to be as neutral as possible while still being an eye catching and accurate depiction of the service they were meant to represent.

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Tools Used

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There's No Progress Without Process

Nathan Labrecque Creative Process Image
Here is what one of the preliminary homepage designs looked like in the wireframing stage. Icons, logos, and written content were not yet finalized, so placeholder content was added to give a good sense of the layout and space, which utilizes very modern "full-width content band" approach.
Nathan Labrecque Creative Process Image
Here is the initial homepage design after its transformation into a full fledged colour mockup. The primary colour used in this variation was a rich blue to compliment the deep purple of the logo. A bright orange was used as a highlight colour for buttons and links.
Nathan Labrecque Creative Process Image
This is a screenshot of another preliminary site design wireframe, this time of what an interior page could potentially have looked like.
Nathan Labrecque Creative Process Image
Here is the same interior page design fully fleshed out in mockup form. The icons and logo are much more developed, giving this version a bit more substance. Certain elements of this design actually made it into the final version, including the icons and overall content layout.
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