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Greetings! You have stumbled upon the digital dwelling place of Edmonton based web & graphic designer Nathan Labrecque. Within the confines of these pixels you will find purposeful, progressive digital design solutions where form and function come together and give each other the highest of fives.

Nathan Labrecque Creative
Nathan Labrecque
Nathan Labrecque

A Bit About Myself

Hey there, my name is Nathan and I'm an Edmonton based designer and musician with a passion for all forms of creative expression. My path thus far has been adventurous, unique, and perhaps a bit unconventional. It's taken me from serene small-town Alberta to the high-rolling hills of Hollywood and back, followed by a nomadic stint on the road pursuing my passion for music. And now here I sit, a hop, skip, and a few jumps from where I started, fulfilling my creative calling in the world of web & graphic design, with a recently discovered knack for the niche market of product label design.

After 3 years in MacEwan University's Design & Digital Media program and 9 years designing in the real world, I think it's safe to say that me and design, we get along. You might even say we were made for each other, but let's not get too carried away. I'm a genuinely-slightly nerdy creative, detail-oriented at a level one might go so far as to call obsessive, and a sucker for a clean layout, crisp vector, and dark UI. Visual harmony invigorates me as much as its musical counterpart, and nothing floats my boat quite like a functional, intuitive, and tastefully designed digital experience... although cheesy catch-phrases and alliteration do come frighteningly close.

Click below to contact me. I'm sometimes up for small side projects and always up for talking about obscure progressive rock & metal bands.

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My Work

Product Label Design

Arrow Nathan Labrecque Creative - Product Label Design

Logo Design

Arrow Nathan Labrecque Creative - Logo Design

Tailout Brewing

Arrow Nathan Labrecque Creative - Tailout Brewing Website & Branding

PlanetCom Managed IT

Arrow Nathan Labrecque Creative - PlanetCom Managed IT Website

Sure-Form Contracting

Arrow Nathan Labrecque Creative - Sure-Form Contracting Website

Lizotte & Associates Real Estate

Arrow Nathan Labrecque Creative - Lizotte & Associates Real Estate Website

PlanetCom Creative

Arrow Nathan Labrecque Creative - PlanetCom Creative Website

R&D Waste Solutions

Arrow Nathan Labrecque Creative - R&D Waste Solutions Website

Heritage Hills Montessori

Arrow Nathan Labrecque Creative - Heritage Hills Montessori Child Development Centre Website

Pelican Decks

Arrow Nathan Labrecque Creative - Pelican Decks Website

Classic Studios

Arrow Nathan Labrecque Creative - Classic Studios Web Design

Resonance Reflection

Arrow Nathan Labrecque Creative - Resonance Reflection Logo

Sonor Drums

Arrow Nathan Labrecque Creative - Sonor Drum Photography

Run Lola Run

Arrow Nathan Labrecque Creative - Run Lola Run Infographic
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If you are in need of any services that require creativity, attention to detail, aesthetic excellence, or even if you really do just want to start up a lively conversation about obscure progressive rock & metal bands, feel free to contact me using the form below!

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